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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
Eventide H90Eventide H90
Eventide Eventide H90
Sale price$1,199.00 CAD
Strymon Flint V2 Next GenerationStrymon Flint V2 Next Generation
Strymon Strymon Flint V2 Next Generation
Sale price$479.00 CAD
In stock
Strymon Mobius Modulation Effect
Strymon Strymon Mobius Modulation Effect
Sale price$616.00 CAD
In stock
Strymon Flint Tremolo & Reverb PedalStrymon Flint Tremolo & Reverb Pedal
Strymon Strymon Flint Tremolo & Reverb Pedal
Sale price$410.00 CAD
In stock
Eventide H9 MAXEventide H9 MAX
Eventide Eventide H9 MAX
Sale price$799.00 CAD
Sold out

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