Switchcraft 1029 Shoulder Washer Insulating Black

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Switchcraft shoulder washer for 3/8” bushing. Perfect for insulating metal bushings from the chassis, use with W-SC-S1028. Minimum chassis hole diameter of 0.44” required to accommodate the shoulder.

This washer, along with W-SC-S1028, is for insulating jacks with metal bushings from the panel. The inside of the panel needs to be insulated as well as the outside of the panel. However - the inner edge of the hole also needs to be insulated.

This shoulder washer's shoulder passes through the inside of the panel hole, insulating the flat part of the panel and the inner edge. The corresponding flat washer (W-SC-S1028) is used to insulate the flat part of the panel on the other side. If the panel is thick enough, two shoulder washers can be used. To fully insulate, you would normally use one shoulder washer and one flat washer on the opposite side. See the "Insulation Guide" diagram below for an illustration of this layout.

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