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The Y-Not A/B/Y switch is designed to be an all-in-one solution for switching one audio signal to two outputs. n nUse the Y-Not to switch between two amps (for example, a clean amp and a dirty amp), or use it to switch between the inputs of a two input amp. The Y-Not is able to do this cleanly and transparently, without any of the problems associated with traditional A/B boxes. n nThe new Y-Not version 2.0 includes some very useful new features. One is programmable phase inversion on the B output. This allows you to run two channel switching amps simultaneously and adjust the phase on the fly so that every combination of channels is in phase. This was previously only available as a mod, but is now a standard feature. n nAlso new for version 2.0 is a "TRS In" switch that, when engaged, allows you to use a piezo-equipped guitar or other 1/4-inch TRS audio source. The tip of the TRS jack will be sent to the A output, and the ring of the TRS jack will be sent to the B output. This allows you to have automated switching between magnetic and piezo signals from your guitar, sending each signal to its own amp.

The Y-Not features:

  • A high quality audio buffer with bypass switch

  • Selectable isolation transformer on the B output

  • MIDI controllable phase switch that inverts the B output

  • TRS In switch allows switching between piezo and magnetic signals on a piezo equipped electric guitar

  • Front panel switches allow you to send the input signal to output A, output B, both outputs or neither output (mute

  • A rear panel switching jack that allows the Y-Not to be controlled by other RJM Music products or by a standard 2 button amp footswitch

  • MIDI input allows the Y-Not to be controlled by any MIDI controller and be integrated into any MIDI rig.


RJM Music Technology  Y-Not MIDI Canada Tone Design

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