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Mogami 2319 Cable

( Ideal for Pedalboard Patch cable )

SQUAREPLUG FIT ( SP500-SPS5 ) Nickel or Black


Most musical instrument sound pick-ups such as those in electric guitars are comprised of high impedance circuits driven by voltage, in other words by very small electrical current flow. Therefore, so-called MICROPHONICS (noise) becomes a critical problem. (Microphonics means noise that is generated when the cable is moved and or tapped when the cabling circuit is a high impedance link.) Guitar cables must be counter-measured against this, so, a conductive PVC layer is placed under the shield conductor in most cases even though it may have a bad affect on audio sound quality.Therefore, the conductive PVC (black carbon PVC) layer must be removed together with the shielding conductor when wiring, otherwise we receive a strange claim that the cable is shorting.



Mogami Cable Canada, Tone Design

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